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Hammered Dulcimers

The Acoustic Music Shop Features Quality Hammered Dulcimers and Hammered Dulcimer Accessories from Master Works, Dusty Strings, Songbird and Rick Thum. Browse through the Makers listed below, our Hammered Dulcimers are available for purchase through our online store or Call Us to place an Order (740-941-1271), or when in Southern Ohio stop by our Shop in Waverly.

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Master Works Hammered Dulcimers
Master Works instruments are now considered to be among the very few elite "performer quality" hammer dulcimers in the world, just as the Russell Cook instruments were before them. Master Works is committed to excellence,not just in their handcrafted instruments, but in their service and responsibility to promote and sponsor dulcimer activities. Long after the first notes flow from a new Master Works instrument, these craftsmen will be working to fulfill the needs of musicians, just as Russell continues in his commitment to excellence! Masterworks Hammered Dulcimers are made by Russell Cook's Wood N' Strings of Arlington, TX. All models include hammers and tuning wrench.

Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimers
Dusty Strings hope you will join those who've experienced first hand their long-held reputation for high quality woodworking, innovation, great tone, and excellent customer support. In short, for making hammered dulcimers that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to own and play. Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimers are made in Seattle, WA. All models include hammers and tuning wrench.

Songbird Handcrafted Hammered Dulcimers
Chris Foss and his wife Melanie do all the work in building, stringing, packing, and shipping their hammered dulcimers. That way they can guarantee quality. Chris and Melanie know every detail of every instrument that they send out. Chris and Melanie really believe they are making the best hammered dulcimers money can buy. Their joy has turned out to be helping folks somehow with their music, and this extends to the dulcimers that they build. Songbird Hammered Dulcimers are made in Columbia, Mo. All models include hammers, tuning wrench and instruction book.

Rick Thum Hammered Dulcimers
Rick Thum instruments are the result of Rick's years of experience and performance requirements. He demands a dulcimer of dynamic clarity and power, without the problem of excessive sustain. The experienced player will discover a fast attack, broad dynamic range, and balanced voicing. The new player will notice a clear, beautiful tone and easy playability in a handsome, cleanly designed instrument of surprisingly light weight. All models include hammers, tuning wrench and instruction book.

Hammered Dulcimer Accessories
We carry a complete line of accessories, including Hammered Dulcimer cases, Hammered Dulcimer strings, Hammered Dulcimer Stands, Hammered Dulcimer Hammers and Hammered Dulcimer Tuning Wrenches.

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